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Tamara Ecclestone’s Lamborghini has gone missing

17 Apr

A Lamborghini Aventador owned by socialite Tamara Ecclestone has disappeared from a garage in London where it was being serviced. The daughter of billionaire Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone reportedly purchased the car a couple of years ago from a dealer named Ziad Shawadi when she was dating businessman Omar Khyami. The supercar was put under Omar’s name to secure a resident’s parking permit, but it was registered to her Chelsea, London, address.

Tamara tried to sell the Lamborghini last summer after the couple split, but learned that her boyfriend had used the $400,000 exotic as collateral on a loan – and that set off a legal battle due for a hearing later this year.

But now the car has disappeared, and the culprits are alleged to be men working for Shawadi who have apparently repossessed it as a result of the outstanding loan. Ecclestone filed a complaint at a Notting Hill police station, but the authorities have said they won’t be moving on this one. There has been no word on the fate of the parking permit.


Tamara Ecclestone shows off her curves

7 Nov

She revealed recently that her top tip for looking sexy is embracing your figure.

And earlier this week, Tamara Ecclestone put her advice into action as she posed for a stunning swimwear shoot.

The 28-year-old socialite posted a picture of herself wearing a very daring plunging black swimsuit by her favourite swimwear brand Melissa Odabash as she took some time out between takes on the set of the shoot in Ibiza.

Drawing attention to her most famous assets in the one-piece, Tamara wears her brunette hair loose in tumbling curls around her shoulders.In a recent interview with MailOnline, Tamara said she tries to stay healthy as much as she can, but does allow herself the odd treat when it gets to Saturday.

She said: ‘I try to be healthy Monday through Friday. I don’t eat carbs in the evening but at the weekend I definitely let myself relax.

‘I’m not one of these people who could be good all the time, life is too short. I don’t love going to the gym but I force myself to go occasionally.

‘I just feel moderation and balance is good. Obsessing about it is the worst thing to do. I’m naturally curvy and am never going to be a size zero but I’ve embraced it, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got.’

Tamara also said she hopes to follow in the footsteps of her stunning mother Slavica and maintain her flawless complexion without going under the surgeon’s knife.

She said: ‘Never say never with plastic surgery. I look at my mum, she’s 54 and has never had anything. I’ve had Botox and she’s not even had that. She looks amazing but it depends what works for me.

‘There’s a fine line and you don’t want to overdo it but I think as a woman, it’s whatever makes you feel better.’

Tamara’s swimsuit shot came as she shot scenes for an upcoming campaign – tweeting fans regularly in between takes.

After a long day’s work, Tamara tweeted: ‘Looking forward to second day of shoot tomorrow in Ibiza must get some beauty sleep!’

Tamara Ecclestone

17 Jun

Tamara Ecclestone attends WTA Pre-Wimbledon party in association with Range Rover at Kensington Roof Gardens on June 16, 2011 in London, England.


Tamara Ecclestone Model Picture

11 Oct

Tamara Ecclestone

Old News: Tamara Ecclestone spends £24,000 at charity ball

11 Oct
Tamara Ecclestone spent £24,000 at a charity ball on Sunday. She bid for a Jeroboam of Armand de Brignac, a Gemstone Creative diamond-encrusted artwork of Jay-Z’s face and an F1 Race Day.

How the other half live

27 Mar

TAMARA ECCLESTONE , daughter of billionaire Bernie, the Formula One chief, lives in a £2m mansion that he bought her. Oh yes, he also gives her £100,000 a year. Which is nice.

She got her first job working on the F1 magazine – owned by him. Now she reports on F1 racing for Sky, but is not happy.

“Before I get too typecast as Miss Sport Presenter, I’d like to try something else. I want a chat show – I like talking. I want to make my own way.”

Yes, love. Of course, you do.

With her first pay cheque she bought a £17,000 Rolex.

Like you do. “It made me realise how hard my mum and dad had to work for things.”

Give me strength.

When I got my first pay cheque I bought three light ales and a bag of crisps. My mum took the rest for my keep.

In her interview, Tamara gives the impression she is living so far from reality that she could be on the moon. Maybe she gets it from her dad.

Ecclestone: ‘Dad, date age gap weird’

16 Mar
Ecclestone: 'Dad, date age gap weird'

Tamara Ecclestone has revealed that she finds her dad’s relationship with a women nearly 50 years his junior “a bit weird”.

The Formula One supremo, who turns 80 this year, divorced his wife Slavica, 51, last year after 25 years of marriage and is now dating Brazilian Fabiana Fiosi, 30.

According to the Sunday Mirror, Tamara, 28, said her father always was an “energetic” man. “Maybe he just thought, ‘I might only have another 10 years, so I might as well have fun’,” she said.

“That’s why I spend more time with my mom. She’s not interested in finding another man. Women are so much more sensible than men. Women can be alone, men can’t!”

The TV presenter, who gets a £100,000-a-year allowance from her billionaire father, added that she would prefer that her parents were happy single than miserable together. Speaking about her career aspirations, she said that she is determined to stand on her own two feet.

“Before I get too typecast as Miss Sports Presenter, I’d like to try something else. I want a chat show – I like talking. I want to make my own way,” she said.

Championing the cause of sick babies

28 Aug

It was a premature baby called Charlie who gave Tamara Ecclestone a new perspective on life.

Only six months old, this “tiniest boy” had already undergone numerous operations at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

“He was so determined and his mother was coping with the most enormous stress,” explains Tamara, daughter of motor-racing billionaire Bernie.

For the Sky Sports presenter, the experience of seeing the young woman so “calm and composed” in such traumatic circumstances was life-changing.

“I came here (to Great Ormond Street) to do some filming and met the mother of one of the patients,” she says as we chat over tea in the hospital’s roof-garden.

“Seeing her cope put everything into perspective for me. You realise what is really important in life – family and friends – and that other things don’t matter.”

Championing the cause of sick babies is Tamara’s new vocation.

The former “It girl”, 25, has been appointed creative director of Great Ormond Street’s annual fundraiser, which is endorsed by Formula One.

Her job is to ensure the F1 Party is the hottest charity ticket in town and that guests have both a memorable evening and dig deep to raise the money to renovate the hospital.

Great Ormond Street may be world-leading but its buildings are in desperate need of upgrading. The F1 Party is key in bringing in much-needed cash.

This year’s bash at the V&A brought in an impressive £450,000 thanks to prizes such as dinner with Orlando Bloom and an exclusive set by Duffy.

Tamara’s father bid £30,000 for Lewis Hamilton‘s bespoke diamond-encrusted helmet.

But raising money in a recession, says Tamara, is a “big responsibility” even if your father is a billionaire.

“It’s not just a case of ‘Let’s get Duffy along to sing’,” she says. “The party took months to organise.”

The relationship between Great Ormond Street and the world of fast cars began nearly a decade ago. Two of the hospital’s top surgeons realised they could learn from pit-stop techniques while watching a grand prix race on television.

Chief cardiothoracic surgeon Professor Martin Elliott and intensive care expert Dr Allan Goldman were struck by the similarities between the handover disciplines from theatre to intensive care at their hospital and the changeover in the pits.

A phone call to McLaren and Ferrari confirmed their fears – hospital handovers were chaotic and needing streamlining. Their solution, says Tamara, has transformed intensive care and “gone all over the world”.

The link with Great Ormond Street is also a personal one for the Ecclestones because “Dad has always loved children”.

Bernie has been inviting Great Ormond Street patients to the British Grand Prix since 2003.

Despite his workaholic ways, the businessman, 78, dotes on Tamara and younger sister Petra. Both lived at the £10 million family home in Chelsea until recently.

It’s fair to say the lives of Tamara and her sister have been exceptionally privileged.

Her father owns the commercial rights to Formula One and has built up an estimated £1.5 billion fortune.

Her 6ft 2in mother Slavica has modelled for designers including Armani. For the record, Tamara takes after Slavica but is a “Daddy’s girl”.

So it was traumatic, Tamara reveals, when 10 years ago their father was rushed to hospital.

Doctors diagnosed heart problems and performed a bypass. The memory is still raw of her normally “invincible” father lying helpless in a hospital bed.

“I was only 11 or 12 and still at school and it was very difficult seeing him look so vulnerable. But my dad is a survivor and was out of hospital and back in the office a week later.

Work keeps him going – when you have created something like he has you have to. But you can’t buy good health and it’s something you shouldn’t take for granted.”

She knows human life is fragile. This gives her extra insight into the “invaluable, truly amazing work” of doctors and nurses at Great Ormond Street.

“They don’t just treat the children but keep them in good spirits and positive.

“All the parents and children I met on the wards commented on what a difference this makes during the most difficult time.”

As well as sports presenting and charity work, Tamara has dabbled in modelling, including posing for FHM magazine.

Lad magazines aside, there is plenty of substance to Ms Ecclestone. She may have her mother’s looks but she has also inherited her father’s single-mindedness.

Pushed into attending university, Tamara quit her psychology course at University College London after a year. Then she dropped out of the London School of Economics.

“My parents were like ‘No one had the opportunity to do this in our families’. But I didn’t want to go to university just for the sake of it.”

Another shock – at least for F1 fans – was her parents’ decision to divorce after 24 years of marriage. The subject is off-limits even for the chatty and candid Tamara.

But she gives the impression the split has not damaged their tight family unit. Her parents attended the last F1 party together.

Tamara has a boyfriend on the scene but she remains tight-lipped on details, saying only: “There are so many things I want to do in my life and kids are definitely part of the big plan – I’d love to have them.”

There is no suggestion though, says Tamara, that she will follow her father into the macho world of motorsport. Not that she is afraid of hard work.

Her parents “were never going to let me sit around and watch Jeremy Kyle”.

She just has other ambitions: doing her best for Great Ormond Street, more TV- presenting and, one day, her own family.

Tamara Eccleston attends the VIP screening of “The Proposal”

3 Jul

Tamara Eccleston also attended the vip screening of “The Proposal” on 7/2/09 at The Mayfair Hotel…



Top 10 celebs who’ve stripped naked for animals

30 Jun

Animal rights activists PETA have earned a reputation for persuading stars to shed their clothes for publicity. Here’s our favourite ten.

In 1990, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) launched a new campaign with a different approach – a poster featuring The Go-Go’s, who wore only a banner reading We’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur.

The enormous positive feedback from the public and media made the organization realize the power that a lighthearted, sexy spin could have on serious, life-or-death animal rights issues.

Many people would turn away from images of foxes being killed for their fur but they’d line up (and log on) to see people showing their own skin to save animals’ skin.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone stripped off for the cameras to promote Vegetarianism.

The Clueless babe’s Peta advert was axed in Texas for being too raunchy.

Eva Mendes

Hotter than hot Hollywood babe Eva Mendes posed with it all off in the ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur’ campaign for Peta.

Eva’s certainly not the shy, retiring type – she ran into a bit of trouble for flashing her flesh once again for a Calvin Klein perfume advert in which she briefly showed a nipple!

US television networks banned it for being too obscene.

Tamara Ecclestone

The daughter of billionaire Formula One mogul Bernie Ecclestone shed her clothes all in the name of animal welfare.

The heiress and TV presenter posed for a cheeky anti-fur photoshoot with nothing more than a strategically placed chequered flag.

Tamara Ecclestone said she wanted to support the campaign because fur was more about vanity than fashion.

Dita Von Teese

She’s unlike any teacher you’ve ever had, but her lesson is as easy as ABC.

Burlesque stripping queen, Dita Von Teese, stands at a classroom blackboard wearing her signature corset, in a captivating ad for PETA.

The animal welfare group was urging people to brush up on their “ABCs” (short for Animal Birth Control) by having their cats and dogs spayed or neutered back in September 2007.

Lucy Davis

Lucy Davis – one of the stars of hit comedy show The Office – appeared naked in an advertising campaign to stop the Ministry of Defence using bear skin.

The MoD uses real bearskin for The Queen’s Guards’ caps.

The actress appeared nude except for a teddy bear in a Peta campaign to get them to switch to faux bear fur.

The slogan on the advert read “Bare skin, not Bear Skin”.

Sadie Frost

Actress and fur-free fashion designer Sadie Frost marked London Fashion Week in 2006 by wearing her birthday suit.

Somewhat surprisingly she was photographed by rock legend and fellow vegetarian Bryan Adams – lucky fella.

“I don’t use fur in my collections”, Sadie explained. “It’s disgusting, and it reminds me of death and blood.”

Jenna Jameson

Taking one’s clothes off might not be too much of a stretch for a porn star, but Peta were certainly happy to have Jenna Jameson on board.

The normally blonde bombshell unveiled an image of herself in sexy underwear wearing a bikini and sporting a black wig at Mercedes Benz fashion week in Culver City, California.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson stripped down to her G-string in the window of Stella McCartney’s London boutique in the name of Peta.

Her message was to urge celebrities to stop wearing fur and embrace their own beautiful bodies.

Pammy is actually Peta’s honorary director no less.

Christy Turlington

Supermodel Christy Turlington became the first fashionista to appear naked for Peta.

She launched the “I’d Rather Go Naked” campaign in 1993 and became one of the group’s most public supporters.


R&B star Jamelia posed nude with a rabbit perched on her back in support of Peta’s anti-fur campaign.

The singer said: “The reason I decided to bare all for Peta was because I was educated about the inhumane ways animals used for their fur are treated, and I think it’s disgusting.

“I think if you have a heart, then you just wouldn’t wear fur.”

A headline to the picture said: “Be comfortable in your own skin, and let animals keep theirs.”


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